Pending fuel transaction

Hi all.
I have a transaction question.
I payed for fuel last week at a pay at pump machine.
The machine requires you to enter the card details before the pump is activated, thus authorising an initial payment. Once done at the pump it refunds the initial authorised amount. Then the actual amount goes into a pending state.
My issue seems to be that after two days I’ve been charged again but this is a completed transaction and the pending transaction is still pending.
My understanding is that I have now been charged twice for one payment as Monzo debits the pending transactions until they are settled.
Any help?

Sounds like they didn’t reverse the pending transaction, they’re just not going to take payment and let it expire after 7 days. If the full payment has gone through you can press the ‘something wrong? Tell us’ button on the transaction and get it reversed, but you might need to talk to in app chat

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Was it asda?

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