PDFs can only be saved and not viewed in app

Issue: PDFs such as statements and notice of fees documents can only be saved and not viewed in the Monzo app.

Details to reproduce: Tap on a statement or other document
OS: iOS 13
Device: iPhone X
App Version: 3.5.1

Tap the Share button and then press ‘Create PDF’ iOS will then give you the option to save.

The issue here is that there used to be the option of viewing the pdf before saving it (easier flow to be able to see the content). I’ve also noticed this but wondered whether this was an iOS issue rather than app…

You’re right. I remember a ‘create PDF’ option but this seems to have gone from the share sheet update with iOS 13. Really frustrating as I was looking through statements this morning and had to save them all to Google Drive to be able to view :-1:

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Had this the other day too - would be way better if I could view them in app


The share sheet has been changed a bit - if you scroll down to the bottom and press Edit Actions - you can tap the + next to Create PDF to force the availability of it within the share sheet.

I do not have that option.

That’s what I see. You can get a view of it if you press “Print.”

Click Print, then 3D touch preview or pinch open.

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