Add PDFs and other receipts using iOS shortcut


I thought I’d share this shortcut I made in the new iOS shortcuts app. It allows you to use the share sheet to send almost anything into it, like PDFs, emails etc, and turn it into an image to attach as a receipt into Monzo.

This is fairly useful as many places now just email you the receipts instead of giving you something physical you can take a picture of.


It will save the image to its own album, send you over to the Monzo app to attach it, and once you come back prompts you to delete it afterwards, so it won’t clog up your picture timeline with receipts. (This can be removed.)

Let me know what you think! Would be awesome to see Monzo directly support PDFs and other media types in the future, until then, this is a neat way around it. :slight_smile:


Neat idea :clap: I’ll probably use this but make a slight tweak to upload to google drive as well as I keep all my bills and paperwork stored there

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