Ability to link PDF or documents to payments

Any chance we can have the ability to upload/link pdf or document to payments. Just like we can take a photo of a receipt

Uses: I book a flight on my Monzo, the airline send me confirmation ie flight ticket on a pdf.

I can either upload it or link it through a link to say for instance my Google docs so when I click the link the document opens

Or a book a day out at the zoo online, again get confirmation, when I tip up I just open up monzo type zoo in search, find payment, booking pdf is there ready to show on gate

Maybe if Monzo allow us to upload pdf document then a IFTTT is created so that any documents get saved to Google docs or Dropbox like there is at the moment for receipts


Sounds like a great idea. With this absence of this functionality in Google Pay (unlike Apple Pay) it could be quite handy for Android users.

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One possible implementation idea (on Android, anyway; no idea about Apple): make the Monzo app appear as a target for sharing; when something is shared, open a list of recent transactions as options to attach the shared file to.

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I love this idea. I’ve suggested it to Monzo many times in the past

The ability to link PDFs to transactions would also be super useful for loads of ticket types, such as:

  • Train
  • Coach
  • Flight
  • Club/event tickets

I need pdf attaching to expenditures !!!

I think this is possibly the easiest thing that Monzo could fix which would have an incredibly positive affect on the lives of Monzo users – especially given the company’s possible future partnership with Flux.

And I’ve literally tried all the workarounds in the world that are simple (IFFT) but unfortunately screenshotting and then uploading sounds silly and I don’t think it works for QR codes but I could be wrong

Great idea!