Open statements on the app

I think it would be an amazing idea to be able to open and view the statements directly on the app instead of having to save them on the phone.

This is already possible, have a look here:


Wow I had no idea! Thank you for that!

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I think you could also use the Print option in the share sheet (even if you don’t have a printer), and then on the little preview that appears do an ‘open pinch’ like you’re zooming in, and the PDF will fill the screen.

Whilst the Markup and Print options from the share sheet can be used as workarounds to view “in-app”, I’d prefer in-app viewing to be the default/initial behaviour.

In other bank/card apps where statements are accessible via the app clicking on a statement initially opens the statement PDF in-app (e.g. HSBC / Amex). Then if you want to download/markup/send/print you would use the share button to access the share sheet.

I’d much prefer it if accessing statements in the Monzo app worked this way.