PDF statements on Business Accounts

I checked the trello but couldn’t see PDF statements on there. On the web version of monzo business under export statements PDF simply says coming soon. Anyone know when this will be available? Seems like it will be a pretty critical feature for physical record keeping?

In the meantime, can you export them from the app? I would think that ‘coming soon’ applies to the web interface. PDF statements have been available in the app for personal accounts for a long time, so should be for business accounts too.

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You’re right! That seems even weirder then! They can do it on mobile, but not web…

The thing with mobile pdf statements are you only have the option of ‘current month’ or ‘all time’. Hopefully monthly historic statements will come at some point.

Until the very recent launch of the Business Accounts, there was no web interface for Monzo, it was all done through the app (except for a very basic emergency website allowing you to see a few recent transactions and freeze your card). So the app is much more developed than the web version for now. And the web version is only available for business accounts, not personal ones.

On the main transaction feed in the app, pull the transaction list down, and you’ll see some buttons underneath the card. If you tap the Account icon below the card, there is a Statement History option in the account screen that allows you to export PDF statements for any month.

Another way to get to other months if you want a CSV export instead:

  1. Tap on the little pie chart in the top right of the main feed to go to the Summary (budgets) screen
  2. Tap on the This Period dropdown at the top under Summary
  3. Choose the month you want to export
  4. Scroll to the bottom, and tap on Export & bank statements
  5. You have the option for All Time or <Month> based on the month you selected for the summary period
  6. You’re then presented with the options of PDF , CSV , or QIF

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