Ability to download monthly statements in business account and statement improvements (desktop)

I have to periodically submit monthly statements to my accountant. In my old business banking, Santander, it would generate a monthly statement automatically and put it into the documents list, so I’d just click ‘save’ and be sorted.

The problem is Monzo doesn’t do this so I have to manually select the date range for each month, which is risky because it’s prone to making a mistake if I accidentally click 30th October for example as the end date because I’d miss October 31st.

Some other UI improvements would be, remembering what date was selected when I choose the date range - I go back to last year and select October 1 to 31st, then go back in and it defaults to this month, so I have to go back to last year and repeat for November etc.

Another improvement would be to stop asking for confirmation every single time. I’m sitting here with my phone in my hand, after all I needed it to log into my account in the first place. Then downloading 6 months of statements, as well as manually selecting the date ranges as above, I have to then click a notification on my phone, press OK, enter my pin, wait for approval, over and over and it is quite irritating.

You can get a statement for a chosen full month but it’s typically convoluted.

From your business account main feed in the mobile app, go to the Summary page (tap on the pie chart). Then where it says ‘This Period’, tap that to change to the month you want a statement for. Then scroll down to the bottom for an Export Statements button, which will export a statement for that month only.

Ah, I do the banking on computer because faffing around trying to get pdfs printed and stored in the right folder on my phone would be a bit of a pain

Ah yeah, that’s fair enough. I’ve just had a look on the desktop web version and you’re right - there’s no way to do this sensibly from there.

Everything is always 90% of the way there with this bank.