Sharable confirmation / receipts when transferring funds

I pay individuals for services often through Monzo, I have so far been confirming to them by going in to the sucessful transfer and screenshotting then emailing/texting the screenshot image.

There is a lot of unnecessary data in that image that isn’t needed by them.

I’d much rather there was an option to forward a confirmation that basically included the following;

  • a success message
  • the amount paid
  • transaction details (reference, ID, sort code, account number, time date etc)

Some other banking apps provide this feature - a friend transfers to me from Halifax and they have a successful payment page that can be forwarded on.

As per last post, see:

Not what I had in mind, PDF’s can’t be text easily - compatibility would depend on individual’s device receiving them.

I was thinking more of a graphic or at the least an automated text statement (similiar to the text message compiled when sharing your account details).

Unless whoever you’re sending them to is using a non-smart phone from ancient times - I don’t think anyone would have an issue opening a PDF. They’re an almost universal document type.

That being said, the PDF confirmation for individual payments feature is not something that’s available.

NatWest & RBS both offer this feature in-app, if it’s something you need.

No. I like Monzo, I don’t need another app.

I just think there is an issue in confining yourself to a particular format. Some companies still won’t view html emails or allow attachments for that matter.

It might not suit you guys, but one of the factors that drew me to Monzo was its inclusivity and providing a one stop, easy banking solution.

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