How to get payment confirmation?

(jan) #1

I’ve been asked for payment confirmation to prove that I’ve sent payment.

Is there any option to get PDF payment confirmation? The only way now is screenshot - but there are other transaction and it’s not clear enough :confused:


(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey Jan,
There isn’t PDF export yet – could you screenshot the transaction itself rather than just the feed? That has date, time, amount, merchant etc?

(Miguel Afonso) #3

I don’t know if this a requirement. But its common that these proof of payments in PDF or webpage prints, sport some alphanumeric unique identifier that allow the recipient to validate it agains an issuer API or webpage.

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(Tristan Thomas) #4

Yeah, we’ll definitely have better and more export options in the future :slight_smile: @hugo shared some sneak peeks of it here: Exporting Let us know if you have any problems providing the confirmation – the in-app chat is probably your best bet in terms of quick replies :smiley:

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(jan) #5

Cheers. Everything is all right - they’ve found payment in their system :wink:

But I can still imagine situations where I’ll need to prove the payment.



Just faced the same issue, I want to share the confirmation of a payment and I’m sending a basic screenshot. We need something more official on this.


You can download statements in the app now :grin:

Go to the help section and search for ‘statements’ for a better guide.

(Kevyn) #8

I think @rafa.ferreira would like an individual payment/debit statement. Not a whole statement. It has been mentioned many times before. Unfortunately, Monzo don’t allow this this yet.

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This is exactly what I need @Chapuys, an individual payment/debit statement