Paypal / Venmo


I recently moved to the US and transferred my UK monzo over to a US account. I am having real trouble finding a method of transferring money to my husband’s Well’s Fargo account (he doesn’t yet have a SSN so isn’t able to have Monzo).

I was able to set Venmo up but every time I try and make a transfer it comes back ‘declined’. I have tried varying amounts (as little as $1) and nothing… I have sufficient funds on Monzo. When I’ve spoken to Venmo they said they can’t see why it was declined and transactions are examined on a case by case basis so they can’t say if the next one will work (it doesn’t). They suggested to use PayPal but when I tried to add Monzo as a bank account to avoid charges my account was blocked for 48 hours due to a security flag…

Has anyone got any experience with successfully using Venmo and Monzo or adding Monzo as a bank account on PayPal? For information, I was able to add Monzo as a debit card with PayPal and also I have used Zelle successfully but there seems to be a $500 weekly transfer limit and I need to transfer the rent over to my husband so we can pay by cheque…

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Hi Laura. Did you find a solution? I’ve been able to add Monzo as my main card on Venmo. I haven’t been able to add Monzo as a bank account on PayPal but I’ve been able to add them as a debit card (which means higher fees when using PayPal).