PayPal/Skrill // average processing time

Whats the average processing time from withdrawals / PayPal/Skrill? I just withdrawed from Skrill to see, very excited.

PayPal is instant assuming they send out the money instantly (which they might not do if they have to run their own fraud checks, often for new accounts). No idea for Skrill although I assume it’s similar.

Didn’t mean by that, I meant, after you withdraw it, when does it reach our accounts.

Yeah this is what I mean, assuming PayPal and Skrill do send the money it should arrive immediately. The issue is that they’re never transparent on when they do actually send the money; sometimes even if they claim they’ve sent it they’re actually still running fraud checks behind the scenes.


PayPal has an automated fraud detection system (if someone tries to get in the account and withdraws etc), Skrill processes in the morning, (when I withdrawed on Monese, came 30mins later.)

I understand, my point was that despite them telling you the withdrawal has been processed, in most cases it hasn’t actually been processed yet and is still being checked for fraud or held for manual review.

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