Monzo coming up as Credit Card


Is anyone else having the issue of the Monzo card coming up as a Credit Card. I went to pay my car tax at the post office with my shiny new current account card and it is shown as credit card incurring an extra charge, so used another means. I had the same issue with the old pre paid at Costco but sssumed that was an issue with pre paid. Anyway of getting this updated?

(Adam Williams) #2

For what it’s worth, Monzo have refunded me for these charges in the past (had a similar issue with SSE). Just ask in the in-app chat.

If I recall correctly it’s the merchant’s fault for keeping an outdated database of BINs.

(Peter Roberts) #3

It would probably be a good idea to report the particular place this happened through the in app chat. That way Monzo can chase them up about it

(Adam) #4

This used to happen with PayPal and the old pre-paid cards.

I dropped a message to PayPal and they changed it for me so it no longer had credit card fees associated. Probably not as easy for the Post Office to do this, but I’m bored so I’m gonna send them an email to see what they say about it!


Thanks all. I will follow up with in app chat after I try Costco on Monday. Maybe Just the P.O.

(Kieran McCann ) #6

I’ve never had it come up as a credit card but I always get the ‘your card issuer may charge you for this transaction’ screen at an atm

(Hugh Wells) #7

I don’t think the Post Office has ever been an issue before?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #8

I’ve used my Monzo CA card at a post office counter with no problem. I’d suggest contacting Monzo through in app chat.


Even stranger I notice that I used the prepaid version at the same P.O. last month with no issue, but they may allow a credit card for postage.

(Keir Williams) #10

Surcharging will be outlawed come January 2018.


13th January 2018, to be exact.

(Allie) #12

That is because it’s using the Mastercard network, not necessarily because it thinks its a credit card (some foreign Mastercard Debit cards also charge… heck, Monzo charges when in foreign countries above a certain amount now).

So, at first glance, it seems reasonable. Except, remember not all LINK cards won’t charge. American Express cards are credit and charge cards with cash advance fees, that also support the LINK network.

(Adam) #13

Wow, does that mean I’ll no longer have to pay 50p to pay by card on JustEat!!! #moretakeaways

(Allie) #14

That or they’ll have to change the name of the charge. Possibly ‘additional extortion charge’? Remember the restaurants pay Just Eat far more than typical card processing fees for the service.


Restaurants pay Just Eat about 16-17% from memory

(Allie) #16

When you think about it logically, the 50p is ridiculously petty. Just Eat makes a killing without it, and getting rid of it would probably make more people use Just Eat, helping them and the restaurants! It’s just such a stupid fee!

(Adam) #17

I honestly will only order from Just Eat if I have cash. I know it’s only 50p but come on, it’s not necessary.

I know my local Chinese pay about 15% per order in commission to Just Eat. They have a choice though, nobody is forcing them to use it. Plus I would imagine their sales go up a fair amount by being on Just Eat, especially if they maintain consistently high review ratings.


They have a choice, they can use Hungry House instead of Just Eat, but it is a monopolistic cartel as both firms belong to the same company

(Adam) #19

That’s the way of the world though, unfortunately. Cartel’s are everywhere! Call me stuck in my ways but I only found out EE was a part of BT this morning, ha ha.

(Allie) #20

Just Eat has a cash option? How does that even work? I’ve only used it once. I’m allergic to surcharges and won’t support places that use them. Even if I can easily avoid them.

For example, Typo in Westfield Stratford City has amazingly cute things I want. And a big sign up that they surcharge American Express and Diners Club. I could easily use a Visa or Mastercard. But my allergy to surcharges prevents me from buying anything there.

If a shop doesn’t want to take a card brand, don’t take it. I do shop places that don’t take Amex. I’ve been using Monzo more anyway. But I won’t shop anywhere with surcharges.