Paypal issues with the current account

The Direct Debit mandate constantly goes from ‘approved’ to ‘you need to confirm your bank’ again. Its very annoying and seems to be a Paypal/Monzo interaction thing as neither side seem to be able to fix it despite trying. :man_shrugging:t2::triumph:

I’ve been successfully using PayPal with my current account since June, which was when we first started staff testing of the current accounts. No issues to speak of.

Have you tried completely removing all Monzo card data from PayPal and then added it in again?

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I too have added PayPal with no issues

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I added my account without issue:



PayPal is fine for me.

Amazon on the other hand has a banner saying my payment details are invalid. They still take money from it so obviously it’s not that invalid. I’ve decided to leave it alone and see how long they keep taking cash from an ‘invalid’ payment method…

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No problems for me since start of September;


I haven’t tried my Monzo CA on Amazon UK, but it worked fine on Amazon US!

Amazon also works fine for my CA Card, no issues and was the same for the prepaid.

It does work fine, it’s just that every time I login it tells me my payment method is invalid even though they take money regularly :man_shrugging:t3:

I think if I removed it and added again it would probably be fine. I just can’t be bothered as long as it works

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I had a similar issue with my PayPal account (wasn’t a Monzo account). l struggle to remember what caused it but PP kept telling me it was a bug. It took a lot of effort but l eventually got through to a PayPal specialist (by telephone) and had to go through enhanced security.

Actually as l type l seem to recall they said l had tried to link account outside the UK, l didn’t buy that so may have been a cellular issue.

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