Current Account - Paypal only for withdrawal

Hey guys,

Just got my current account and tried making it my primary payment method on PayPal. When adding and verifying the account it states it’s only available for withdrawal with the message

“You can withdraw money from your PayPal account into this bank account. You cannot use it to fund any PayPal payments because the bank account is not set up for Direct Debit.”

Has anyone else experienced this?


My CA is setup with a direct debit. Have you verified the account with the four digit pin they send you?

Yeah I verified fine with the pin. Withdrawal’s are pending too, may just be a fraud check or something.

Are you sure you verified the current account Direct Debit and not the Matercard Debit (assuming you added your new Monzo Debit card too)?

I got in a tiz by confusing the two in the app when I added both the card and current account to PP!

Yeah I’d definitely verified the correct one. It looks like the situation has resolved itself anywhere, maybe it was fraud checks or something, logged on this morning and the withdrawal only line has gone.

Just waiting on them allowing me to withdraw money into my account now, it says pending on all my withdrawals, probably more checks.