Paypal dd and everyday spending

Hi all
New user of Monzo so please let me know if I have missed anything :slight_smile:
I have a 79p dd for iCloud storage which shows up as a dd on my commuter spending, which is great. (I’ve added this as a monthly payment)
However throughout the month I will also buy things through PayPal but Monzo thinks my dd amount has changed and changes my 79p to my last payday transaction.
I have been to the transaction and removed the ad hoc transaction from regular payment but it will then remove my 79p too.

I would be helpful to have my 79p always there, I know it’s only a tiny amount lol, but don’t want Monzo to think I’m committed to spending my last transaction amount ie £14.99 every month.

Thanks for feedback in advance :smiley:

iPhones changed a couple of words lol, committed spending and last transaction not payday transaction!

I think you can exclude transactions from the summary/budget but you’d need to do that manually everytime (tap the transaction and scroll down on the transaction details page)??

I did do that on the ad hoc purchase but it removed all committed PayPal transactions :frowning:

I’m confused.

Is your monthly DD for iCloud via PayPal? Not sure if this is possible tbh, I’m not a PayPal user.

If so, the simplest approach would be to move your iCloud DD to directly come from your Monzo account.


As stated above, just use your Monzo card directly with iCloud :slight_smile:

Hello, yes for some reason my iCloud gets paid through PayPal, forgot to mention that!

Thank you I will add my Monzo card to iCloud I didn’t think of doing that lol :smiley:

So I have added my Monzo to Icloud and thats fine. I will add it as a committed spend next time it gets paid.

However, I deleted the DD for paypal as no longer needed, and its put all my paypal purchases as committed spending in my summary tab, which will throw my avaliable balance out. When I click manage DD’s they arent in the scheduled tab anymore!

I think my Monzo broked and I dont know how to fix it :frowning: