Joint account recommendations?

Does anyone have any joint account recommendations? Can’t have a Monzo one, but would like a good app

Starling Bank



We use Starling and it’s serving its purpose, quite satisfied as I’m running my sole account as spending, and the additional current account for my personal direct debits.

Easily transfer funds from sole to joint.

Just wish they’d handle payment requests similar to Monzo within app, not sent any and everyone a payment link to complete.

What do you mean? How is Starling different?

I can’t just ping other half a payment request within the starling app, I have to send the payment link.

Not sure if that opens the app his side, didn’t ask, to then pay me :man_shrugging:t3: but he’s full Monzo. Have told him to add his card to Google pay but he doesn’t want to for some reason :man_shrugging:t3:X2.

Theres also Nearby Payments, both need to be on that screen in the app, switch Bluetooth on, and then wait to locate the other and then send the request.

Not tried as seems overly complex and inconvenient.

Monzo have this designed perfect if you’re both Monzo. He just sends money to my Monzo which I then move to Starling.