Pay someone without adding a contact

On the back of the nearby friends feature (which for the record is really awesome!) can you implement the ability to save a payment destination without adding them as a contact?

I really like the layout of the payments screen and the way Monzo handles that but I really love Starling’s ability to payee’s without adding them as a contact and the way they manage their payments section in that regard.

Sorry if this has already been raised, I’m on my phone which makes quick searching topics a lot more difficult.

How does this work in Starling’s app?

I don’t think it would make sense to add this functionality for the Pay Nearby feature because you’re only able to pay users that’re..nearby anyway which means you only need their details when you can use them.

But obviously if Starling has a feature that gives you a way to pay users who aren’t just nearby, that’d be useful.

Sorry to clarify, this isn’t liked to the pay nearby feature. I was just meaning the release of that made me realise that this is needed.

It’s just allowing you to save payment details for someone, without adding them as a contact. Which I don’t believe is currently possible on Monzo?

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If I’m following you correctly you can, on Android at least.

Go to Payments then rather than add Contact use bank transfer. Then fill in the name, SO and Account number, click next and set an amount and reference, then pay.

They will then appear as your recents, but not in your contacts.

You can’t currently delete these recents at the moment, but that is allegedly on the way…

Admittedly, I’ve not used the pay contact process, in case that’s different.

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Oh really? I always assumed that was to send a one off payment, not to just add the contact. I will give it a try, thanks! :+1:

Do you know if the recent list saves previous payee’s indefinitely or does it remove older ones once you go over a certain amount?

Edit: seems you need to actually make a payment before it will add them to recent. Not quite what I was looking for as I couldn’t add my list of payee’s but certainly better than I thought it was :slight_smile:

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I think they’re there forever, until we get an update that’s allegedly coming soon allowing to delete them I know I’ve still got one from the pre-paid days that I’m itching to delete.

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I agree, it would be useful to add payees without making a payment. Not being able to do this makes it difficult to move over from another bank where you have an existing list of payees.


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