Payments UI is now important

The new Nav design is ok, I can take it or leave it now I’ve found my way around.

One thing that’s clear is that there are two main functions that are now deemed most important: transaction lists, and payments.

I say this because the new tab bar has only these items on it before you get to the help section…

So, in light of this, is like to know: why is the payments UI is still sub par?

I find it to be the worst payments UI of any bank. I don’t want to bad mouth Monzo cause they’ve done a lot of great work with this app, plus I’ve invested in this venture! But I can’t help but sigh every time I have to use that payments page.

The big problem is that consumers are used to the old banks way of setting up and managing a list of favourite payees, then choosing from that list to start the payment journey.

There’s nothing broken with that design pattern. It’s simply missing from the Monzo app.

Right now I need to transfer a chunk of cash to my joint account (not Monzo) to make sure I don’t miss a mortgage payment tomorrow. Can I find the right payee in the mess of a payments UI on Monzo? Can I fuck.

It’s stressful because I have no option but to wade through this mud to avoid a financial penalty. A fair one.

It kinda puts me off using Monzo as my main bank… Yeah, I said it. I don’t want to say it, but that’s how this experience makes me feel. It’s serious.

The payments UI has been lacking for sooooooo long now. It’s time the product managers at Monzo moved it to the top of the list.

Thanks for listening :sunglasses:

Agreed. It’s a terrible UX.


To your TED Talk?

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Couldn’t agree more, it feels so clunky to search through contacts! And do I have the option to rename them - I honestly don’t know, it’s a hard to find option if so!


First off, I feel that Monzo is trying to railroad me into giving them access to all my contacts. And what might they do with that information, hmmm? Too cynical?

Secondly, some people have accounts with other institutions and like to move funds back and forth as appropriate. The odds are that these accounts all have the same payee account name. Unfortunately, with the way the Monzo app is structured and displays, it is impossible to easily differentiate between accounts with the same name, meaning trial and error until you can identify the one required.

This is my perception, and I may be mistaken. If I am, I am confident that one of the usual suspects will set me straight. :wink:

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Agreed. There are definitely more fundamental issues stopping me going full Monzo, but it’s definitely on my ‘this should be better by now’ list.

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Out of interest, what are the top 10 things you’re after?

Let’s not open that can of worms!

The Payments UI needs an entire re-think. To be fair it has done since day one. I’m sure it’s on a list somewhere at Monzo.

As for wanting access to your Contacts, you don’t have to do that, so it’s your decision. As a bank, they are liable to GDPR charges and under FCA guidance on what they can and cannot do with your contacts without your express permission, so I’m personally confident they are not doing anything suspicious.


Happy to do a talk about this one screen if Monzo will invite me to their office :slight_smile:

On the contrary I think it’s definitely the time to open a can of worms!

I’ve literally had to send £1 as a test to see what account Monzo considers my joint account. I can’t see from the UI because the account number is hidden throughout the entire flow.

To be honest that’s not a small issue, it’s financially irresponsible.

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Read this. This forum is established enough that pretty much every question has been asked before and everything is only a simple search away.


Whilst I agree that the Payments UI is clunky, I resolved some of the issues mentioned in this thread by simply manipulating the Payees Name section of Payments, until that field does become relevant anyway.

For example, initials Tesco ; initials Santander ; initials NatWest, etc

So, as I move money between several accounts for various budgeting purposes, I simply select the bank where my account is held and voila! Takes seconds.

Ideal? No
Makes the UI any better? No

But is a workaround that works for me at present.

I do not see the value of the Merge Payees option in Labs either, as that just creates the farcical mess referred to in the OP. Several accounts under one name. Fine for a one-off payment, lousy for tracking monthly SOs.

Anyone else use a way to make this screen easier?

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Yes to can of worms, no to this very open ended question in a thread about Payments UI!

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afaik, the payments UI redesign required the new nav to be done. It’s in the works i think, just a case of when.

Is this based on something you’ve seen on the forum?

I recall it being touched upon within the new UI thread throughout the beta testing. Many users noted how clunky the payments experience now feels. I believe it is on Monzo’s Radar, as several improvements were had the dependency of new navigation being available.

I agree with all points raised. It is arguably clunky. Too much on one screen.

How are you getting confused about which account is your solo account and joint account? If you’re using the Monzo app to move money about between your accounts, you don’t even need to know the account numbers just use the “Move Money” feature