Payments from unknown merchant

Hello - I got a few payments from merchants I do not know and I have not been in that area for years. I looked up my online orders and there is nothing that matches them.

I have flagged the payments and Monzo blocked my card and I am getting a new one.

Mono does not think the payments were fraudulent. It is 2 small amounts so that does not matter too much.

The business seems legit enough though (decent online presence etc)

Is my understanding correct that this might be a cloned card or something and hence by blocking the card and getting a new one this problem should go away?

Any other advice?



Could be anything, an old recurring subscription you’ve not cancelled.

If monzo believe it’s not fraudulent; that indicates the data they see means nobody else could’ve made the payment but you (chip and pin/apple/Google pay).

If online transactions, they can see the device it was made from or how it was authorised, doesn’t have to be recent, a merchant can collect owed funds even after authorisation up to 6 years.

The location isn’t important on transactions, as that could just be their head office.

Things like air machines and similar at petrol stations don’t show their exact location, just those where the office is based.


You might be right that it is something I bought somewhere else that is reported in that unknown address.

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