Payments from a stranger

that’s ace!

Did he charge an admin fee? :grin:

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Glad to hear there’s a happy ending to this tale :slight_smile:

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5p admin fee sounds appropriate :joy:


So @RegTechTom very graciously paid me £20 for doing the right thing :relieved:

All in all a pretty amusing story and hats of to Tom for using the initiative to send a payment message !


What a story and an amazing community! :heart:


Yeeeey I love that we got to see how all of this concluded :hugs:

You’re both a shining example of good honest people and I wish more people were like this in the world :heart:


The 5p trick. Lol that’s awesome. Good on op returning the cash.

Curious how monzo would react to this scenario if the OP wasn’t so honest and the sender contacted monzo for help? Could monzo get the money back for the sender if op didn’t do it/ didn’t answer communications from monzo?

Same as any other bank, it’s all regulated after all.

And other banks would…?

Work with the customer. Privately.

Hint: we don’t know how it would turn out, but they have to work within agreed parameters to investigate these things.

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Of course you don’t know. My question was directed at somebody who does. Like a monzo staff member

By the power of the Hot Chip I summon thee, Monzo Staff Member!!



If you want a Monzo employee to respond to a comment, you need to explicitly tag them in. They’re not omniscient and won’t know they’re being asked a question otherwise. Just FYI.

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There’s always the law , which is that you have to return the money afaik.

So monzo would ask if they can return the money , and if the account holder says no, then I believe the sender would essentially have to take the person to court and prove that it wasn’t for him.

Or much easier, as this was a card payment to the sender should be able to do a chargeback via their bank.

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