Payments are being reversed


My payments seem to be getting reversed for no reason.

Payment 1: Made to credit card issuer. Correct details and CVV used. Payment reversed almost immediately.

Payment 2: Phone bill payment, done via Apple Pay - Reversed a few minutes later.

I have no idea why this is happening - Any ideas please?

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Are the transactions (debit followed by credit) appearing in your Monzo app, or is the transaction just not happening at all?

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Is your card frozen?

Other than guesses from us, you won’t get a solution. In the app, got to help, type contact and select Contact Us and speak to Monzo.


You need to contact Monzo support in the app. If you tap the reversed payments in the feed, there should be an option for “Something wrong? Get help”. If that option isn’t there, follow the other instructions given above for contacting support.


It could be a fault on the payees end, or your debit card has been frozen.

I’d contact support.