Payment Error

Hello. I am a fairly new monzo user.

Attempted to make a takeaway order online, submitted my card details and got an ‘error’ however the Monzo app is still showing a charge. Checked with the store and they say nothing came through.

  1. is it likely this charge will be reversed, if so how long will it usually take?

  2. If it’s not reversed how do I claim the funds back?


If you contact in-app support they should be able to explain and sort it out for you.

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Apparently they drop off after about a week, worst case. As long as it still shows as ‘pending’ in the details, your money hasn’t gone anywhere.

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Thanks guys for the speedy help.

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Just to confirm that all of the above is correct. :+1:

What happened here is that the funds were authorised but the transaction likely won’t be finalised because of the error. For those interested, the finalisation step is called a presentment and would normally happen around a day or three later when the merchant collects the money from us.

We can in many (but not all) cases reverse the transaction manually if you contact us through in-app chat.

Alternatively, the authorisation will automatically be reversed by us after 7 days and the money will be returned to your account. :tada: