Payment to my Monzo Card Declined


We use Pleo at work, from which I get my expenses paid TO my Monzo card (via card number not the account number).
Payments are being declined (yes I was close to my Overdraft limit, but I was paying some money IN :confused:
Any idea why this would be the case.

I have increased my overdraft limit and now have the headroom to spend the same amount that was due to be coming in. I have never had this problem before.

How does that work? I can’t think of any way to pay money into a card other than a refund, but maybe this is a new thing I am not aware of.
Has it worked in the past and just stopped working now (in which case Monzo chat support would be your best bet), or has it never worked (in which case Monzo may not support whatever way this is supposed to work)?

This is definitely a thing. SWR do this whenever you have to claim back additional expenses that aren’t covered by delay repay. They process it back onto a card as a refund, even if it’s a different card to the one you used for the expenses.

I do all my rail spending on my AMEX, yet:

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I think that’s the key thing here. I’ve never seen expenses paid in as anything but a bank transfer, so @Pherlopolus it might be with checking with your company how they’re doing this.

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When I used to run a business taking card payments online and over the phone, I remember there were very strict rules about the amount of refunds we could give customers. It was always to the same card (we clicked on the specific transaction) due to money laundering rules, and there was a small % we could go above the transaction value if we wanted to (e.g. good will gesture).

We didn’t have anything set up to pay business expenses by card though, we only did it by bank transfer, so I am not familiar with this type of agreement. It was always hammered to us that money laundering rules are very strict so refunds only go to the same card and only for the same amount (plus % if authorised), but we couldn’t arbitrarily key in a card number and put money into it.

I learn something new every day!

The payment was coming from Denmark (where Pleo are based) and apparently Monzo doesn’t allow international payments to the card. Pleo have now adds bacs to the ways to get money. This works but takes 24 hours instead of 3 minutes.


They could be using Mastercard Send/Visa Direct for crediting money to the card, not necessarily doing a refund.

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On Revolut you can transfer via account or card

Not all cards are eligible though