Payment to a family member

Hi guys, I’ve been trying to set up a scheduled bank transfer to my sister for 4 months only. I’ve check her account details, all is correct but it the app keep telling me that the details don’t match and it could be a scam don’t do it. So now I’m worried as I’ve been scammed before. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers :beers:

Hi. Welcome.

What you’re seeing is called “Confirmation of Payee” to try and reduce mistakes/fraud.

If you’re 100% happy that your sister has given you the correct details and what you’ve typed matches what she’s given you, then you’re fine to go ahead.

Sometimes it can get stuck on minor things. For example if you’ve entered Liz instead of Elizabeth.


send a pound to the details she has given you , then wait to confirm she has received the pound - should happen in a couple of hours max then set up the transfer to those details


Does your family member have any middle names on their account? As this can sometimes cause a stir, worth checking and adding them in to be sure.

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This appears when the name you have entered doesnt match the name that was assigned when the account was created, like others have mentioned.

For instance Mr Mark Marcus is the account name, but if you enter something that isnt more or less identical to the exact name youll be presented with the warning.

If youre happy that the details are 100% correct meaning sort code and account number, then dont worry about the warning and proceed.

The account I sent my rent to is called something other than what I call it and the warnings appear for me, it reaches it safely.


Thanks so much for your help. It makes you feel like an idiot sometimes but it’s always safer to check with someone who know, your a star :star2:

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You’re not at all an idiot. Better to be safe than sorry.