Payment Request Refund Button?

So I’ve been playing around with the request payment feature and in general, it really has been a breeze to use! Sending someone a link to fill in their details I feel is a lot more intuitive than sending someone your bank account and sort code and hoping for the best.

However, after needing to send someone money back, it became apparent there isn’t a similarly easy way to send money back to sender. Instead, I’ve had to ask for the person sort code and account number, which I thought we were trying to get away from!

I’m wondering if anyone else feels like this could be a feature that would be beneficial?

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Incidently, and a little off topic, if they had paid you by your account number and sort code, you would be able to send them monies back without asking for their details as they are in that payment feed item.

Doesn’t solve your issue now, but may help in the future :slight_smile: