Product Suggestion: Ease of repayment

While in most apps e.g. Monzo, Fire etc it shows the originating account details for a payment i.e. the senders sort code and account number Monese have been clever enough to include a Pay option next to any incomming payment.

If you want to send some money back to someone you click on their incomming payment and it automatically creates a return payment using the same bank details as the original incomming payment, and all you have to do is fill in the amount.

Handy if your friends are lending you some money.

I think something similar in the Monzo app would be good


So sensible. Agreed.

That’s a good idea. :mondo:

Makes a lot of sense! I hope :monzo: can make it happen :smiley:

Great idea! Might add this to the board if that’s OK!? @anon44204028 Doesn’t seem a million miles from the functionality for payments between friends we already have, which suggests it could potentially be quite straightforward to implement :thinking: