Payment reactions

It didn’t need interpreting. I am only speaking for me and definitely aren’t claiming to speak for anyone else e.g. “There is no point in this at all”.

I get some people will love this and that’s fine but some people won’t like it either. I’m just giving my thoughts like it asked for.


Apologies, I shouldn’t have made that assumption.

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It looks like the design already allows for this :thumbsup:


My bad! :sweat_smile:
The feature is definitely well-baked.

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I feel the same like lee am.
I would want to opt out of these specific push messages and better yet, the whole feature.

Also this feature would allow someone stalking you to see when you use your phone, or if you’re still alive.
For me that is a privacy thing I don’t like.
At the very least I would want to disable the seen status.

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I like it. It would be nice to just confirm that your mate has seen/received a payment, plus I always want to respond incoming payments in the app. This will allow me to just that very simply.

I wouldn’t want it as a notification I don’t think - but perhaps a “soft” notification when opening the app.

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to be honest i think this is fluff. It seems like a waste of time, surely there are more important things that need set up! and when i say thanks to someone for sending me a payment its usually done in person or in a text. Having notifications coming up on my statement which are nothing to do with my money seems pointless!! i really hope there is an off button to this.


Yeah I mean I love the feature itself but it is strange that it’s being worked on now, while we’re ramping up for the current account release.

I don’t think it should particularly take precedence over more important features.

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Most of the concerns about this feature seem to be about notification spam.

A potential solution is to have a notifications settings section, where you can enable and disable notifications about specific things. For example, these thank-yous, top ups, transactions, ATMs. (Although disabling some of those could be a security issue.)

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It makes sense but if I am splitting a bill or requesting money chances are I will be with that person so can thank them face to face so for me I would not use this.


For me it is not a matter of notifications but weather the bank should be spending time on this feature at this point in their transition from prepaid to current accounts, and indeed if such a feature is genuinely needed in the app.

There is a difference between wants and needs and Monzo should concentrate on the latter not the former.

Also while most of the current users are into tech and like all things new and everything possible, as a business Monzo should not just add everything requested blindly without much thought.

The app is great at the moment as it has things that genuinely benefit the user such as maps etc, but otherwise uncluttered.

Add too much junk functionality and it will be like a product advertised on nighttime TV or in a magazine supplement, the toaster that has a built in torch and garage door opener. We may like having all those things but put together it is a mess!


I have to say that, having observed discussions about features for over a year now, this is not a concern I have about Monzo at the moment. The design team seem very careful and deliberate about adding new features, and a clear and streamlined user experience seem to be a high priority. There are various features which on the face of it are trivial to implement. But @hugo is understandably hesitant to put in place an ‘obvious’ implementation, because there are implications for complexity and user experience. The Monzo approach seems to be to wait until they can work up a way of addressing these needs, without creating the type of app you’re talking about.

I also think it’s not helpful for us to tell Monzo how they ‘should’ be spending their development time. Ultimately, it is up to them how they choose to prioritise development time, what we should judge them on, and hold them to account for, is the output: the account, services, and apps on offer. It’s not a given that what we see in this sneak peak has come at the expense of developing essential features. And there are plenty of ideas that the Monzo team have previewed, or threatened to preview, which are still not part of the app. So I wouldn’t take this sneak peak as proof that lots of development time is being spent on this at the moment.

In summary: I don’t have a particular need for this feature, but it doesn’t bother me. How the Monzo team allocate their development time is not a concern to me, but if Monzo stop delivering and improving core features, that would concern me. And similarly, if the app starts to get crowded/junky, that would also bother me. I certainly think your concerns about junk functionality and wants/needs are valid, I just haven’t (yet) seen any indication that this is an issue with Monzo’s development. So far it is a carefully considered app.


Hi there,

Always nice to have useful mini-workflows. Isn’t probably use it now and again. The main use case for me is being able to satisfy yourself that a transaction has completed - so the main requirement as a sender of money is to know the money safely landed and the receiver acknowledges it.

On that note - what would be hugely beneficial is a notification whenever a payment form a friend failed. This is particularly useful for where someone may think they’ve paid you but the payment failed (e.g. Bank security) and you don’t receive the funds. It causes a very awkward conversation!!


Thanks guys, keep up the great work and all the incramental innovations !!


I’d rather have a fully featured current account as soon as possible, but would settle for Android catching up with iOS in the meantime. Can we have some sneak peeks of those instead please?

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I like! :sunny: :mondo:

Just to be clear, shipping current accounts is number one priority. Not posting sneak peeks wouldn’t get you the current account any faster I’m afraid. We’re just trying to stay engaged and show you the cool stuff that we’re working on, hope it makes sense :slight_smile:


Yes, please don’t stop the Sneak Peaks​:bangbang:️ I love seeing them, even when they’re features that aren’t of massive interest to me. :wink:

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Following on from Hugo’s post, since the team will be sharing sneak peaks every week now, it’s probably safe to assume that we’ll be seeing some more sneak peaks of lower priority features :soon:


Love this idea and ideas like it. It’s this kind of attention to detail that sets Monzo apart.


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