🔄 Update emojis 🙃 for payment reactions 🤗 / “say thanks”

Hello :wave: I love the payment reactions or “say thanks” :pray: feature when someone sends me a Monzo payment. :monzo::pound::leftwards_arrow_with_hook: However, the emojis for this seem to have never been updated.:sob: A couple of times recently, I’ve gone to send an emoji thanks :+1: and couldn’t find the emoji I wanted. :frowning_woman::frowning_man: Could Monzo update :cool::new: the feature to support all the current iOS emoji? :partying_face:

Perhaps @nexusmaniac can advocate this internally, I’m sure he’ll be the biggest supporter when he sees this :rofl: :wink:


I did think of him when writing this. :upside_down_face: :bulb:


Whilst I support the feature, WOW that was hard to read… :wink::eyes:

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I literally read this as ‘cool new the feature’. 🤦

I noticed this after posting. Not ideal, but I couldn’t find a good emoji for ‘update’ :confused:

:up::date:? :stuck_out_tongue:


Or in olden days you had to install an update with a :cd: and that was :roll_of_toilet_paper: