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First Bus and McGill’s in Glasgow have recently introduced contactless via their ticket machines which is brilliant as I no longer need to carry cash. But what I’ve noticed is that when paying by contactless, an authorisation payment of £0.10 is taken and I get the notification for it and then sits pending for a couple of days just to make sure that the card is fine before being refunded but when the companies then take the full payment a couple of days later, the app doesn’t seem to give us a notification to say that the payment has been taken.

It’s not really a major problem but it would be nice to get a notification to say that the payment has been taken rather than trying to figure out why my balance is lower than what I had expected it to be.

Anyone in the Glasgow area noticed this?


Sound similar to how TFL and Pay@Pumps Work as they use the same transaction and just settle at a higher amount…I agree it’d be nice to know when it’s fully completed

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A more general solution for this would be even the authorisation and settlement are different amounts and a notification on settlement. This would also help with foreign currency transactions which have a similar issue due to currency movements.


Report the card authorisation in app to Monzo and they start to recognise them and not deduct them. They also may refund it straight away. I used to get this a lot with Amazon and iTunes but has decreased lately.

Card check authorisations are not denying any money for the merchants. They are transactions which are never followed through by the merchant as they check the card is active - thats all. The OP was talking about 10p card checks, Monzo are trying to stop them being taken. I suggested a way to help Monzo.

Oops, sorry my mistake - I read the post above about auth and settlement amounts being different and thought you got Monzo to reject settlements when the amount was different from the initial authorization.

No problem, I was just confused :grin:

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