Contactless payment authorization methods

As we know, contactless payment limits are being increased to £100 but why cant an authorization method be set up. So the customer can set whatever limit they want, whether thats £30 or £500. Anything over £30 has to be authorized, this is done via a push notification on the phone/apple watch/device. If it is authorized then the transaction is allowed, if not the transaction is declined. The technology is already partly there as in online transactions have to be authorized via a push notification and then through the app and when someone makes a transaction whether thats contactless or chip and pin, you automaticaly get a notification saying its being used. All that needs to be done is these two systems brought together to allow you to authorize a contactless payment of say £450. This actually is probably even more secure than Chip and Pin because anyone using your card would also have to have your phone to be able to authorise the payment.

UK cards use offline PIN unlike EU or US cards that use online pin where the pin can be entered with contactless so the limit is just for no pin.

UK card terminals also don’t support contactless and pin.

Its not about entering the pin, its about an authorization, i dont think it would have to affect the terminals, its effectively just got to delay the transacation, its whether something can be done within the Monzo/other banking apps. You already get the notification thats it been used, it could even be that it sends you an authorization, it allows that transaction to go through but sends you a notification to say yes it was you or no it wasnt, if you say no, it automatically blocks the card straight away, sends an alert to the retailer somehow who could then implement measure in maybe possibly preventing that person leaving the store or instantly getting CCTV images etc.

Wouldn’t chip and pin or just Apple Pay be easier than tapping your card, putting it away, taking out your phone, unlocking it, opening an app then authorising it?

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Why are you adding steps and making things slower/more complex?

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Perhaps just a simple ‘disable contactless payments’ option would suffice since you don’t seem to trust it?

Also, this information might be help ease your concerns too:

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If you’re going to use your phone, why wouldn’t you just cut out the middle card and use Google or Apple Pay?

The whole point is to take away the touching on pin pads etc more so in the present climate but in general when so many people are touching and spreading germs on the pin pad. And it’s more of a security feature, some people will want to set it at £30 and some people will want to set it at £450. It’s to allow a bit of flexibility with contactless but also providing security measures for those who want to use it.

Some people don’t like that, for example my mum she’s not very good with technology and although I’ve explained to her how secure it is, she still doesn’t seem to trust it so doesn’t use it, whereas she uses contactless a lot. So it’s just providing that extra security feature for anyone that may not want to use Google or Apple Pay.

From what I understand about payment networks, Monzo have a very short time window in which to respond to an authorisation request, so I don’t think this would be feasible.

This has also been cited as the reason payments from Pots aren’t currently possible. Even the added delay of checking the user’s pot balance adds too much time.


I don’t have any concerns with it, I use contactless for everything pretty much or Apple Pay. I’m just talking about in general for other people that might have any concerns, it’s a very simple thing to do and it allows more flexibility to the customer choosing their limits. So if they are someone that uses contactless a lot and wants to have a bigger limit, they can set their limit higher if they trust it, if someone who isn’t very trusting of contactless, they can have a lower limit, but it still doesn’t prevent them using contactless for say a transaction of £300 if their limit is only £50. They still have the option of using contactless but also being sure that their card and transaction is safe.

If you’re not concerned about it perhaps they should wait and see how many people are before investing time and money to build a new feature that might not be needed?

If it’s possible of course, which from the sounds of it sadly it doesn’t seem like it :frowning_face:

Why are you fixating on PIN pads?

Take a moment to watch the general public in your supermarket. They open fridges and freezers, hold baskets and push trolleys, push and pull doors, pick items up and put them down again, tap touchscreens when selecting to pay by card and to request a receipt, lean up against the Perspex around the till point and allow their card to actually make contact with supposedly ‘contactless’ machines. Pretty much all of them will then touch their own face, fiddle with their mask and use their phone, pick up a petrol pump or grab the pole on the bus, without thinking about washing or sanitising their hands first.

I ask again, why are you fixating on PIN pads?

Do you honestly sanitise your hands right before you enter, and right after you leave every shop you go to? If you don’t, stop worrying about PIN pads because your hands are already filthy.


Now I feel dirty. Thanks :joy:

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I see this time and time again on this forum, and elsewhere. “PIN pads are dirty! Cash is dirty!” seemingly whilst blind to the fact that everyone touches everything all the time. Do people really believe the shop workers have sanitised their hands before placing any items on the shelves that day, or every time they themselves touch the PIN pads, or replace the baskets, or open the fridge doors, or reset the touchscreens?

People need to stop expecting others to be clean (because people are not clean) and actively take responsibility to clean their own hands all the time. It’s the only way to be sure of protecting yourself to the best of your ability.


The self service checkouts are never wiped down so whats the harm in using the pin pad.

People just need to chill out.


I sanitised before posting this comment. Feel free to touch it.


I’m making contactless with it as I type.

sorry I prefer saftey in numbers

“Hey Siri, reply to jayohsix, I’m not touching anything, it’s all dirty and it’s in the hair and gets me”