Payment made using wrong address

I made an online purchase on Wednesday the 9th June in the UK and the transaction wouldn’t go through but the money was taken out of my account. I later realised that I was using the wrong billing address. The money hasn’t been put back into my account yet. When will monzo release the money?

Have you contacted the place that you placed the order to confirm if the order didn’t 100% go through? You can click on the transaction in the feed & see what it says against it, in most cases it takes about 7 days (I believe) for an Auth to reversed.

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As mentioned above. Tap into the transaction in your Monzo account, scroll to the bottom and let us know what it says.

Hi there

Yes I have and the retailer said it hadn’t gone through. That Monzo should refund me but it’s been 11 days

I think it’s 8 days and they probably business days. Which not counting the day you made the transaction, makes it today.

So you should have it back by tomorrow.

Ok great I hope you’re right thanks for your help!

The money is not showing in my account yet…:frowning:

The company hasn’t released the money back yet then

Have you spoken to Monzo in app? If you tap on the ‘something wrong get help’ then they can advise

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Have you clicked on the transaction & scrolled to the bottom and clicked on “Something wrong? Get help” - it should advise about how/when it’ll get returned.

If in doubt, click it & then screenshot it and we can advise further on your scenario :slight_smile:

Ok so I’ve had one amount back but not the other as I set up a disput and shouldn’t have… it says monzo will take up to 12 weeks to sort it! Omg

Also I don’t have the online chat feature anymore? Do you know how I can get that back?

Thanks for your help!

The online chat is no longer available to
Me… I used to have it bu now it’s gone!

You can search “contact us” in help and you will find the chat support button.

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