Payment history does not add correctly

Payment history does not add up corectly when viewing transaction list.

It doesn’t seem to do this for all locations, and doesn’t seem to be related to round ups.

On an asside, is it possible to do reporting on transaction location by time?

I.e ATM in last 6 months. Or Uber in last 12 months?

Details to reproduce:
Go to a payment for somewhere you spend regularly:

For example:

Your local shop 4592 history:

Payments 20
Average spend £14.98
Total spend £293.61

But when I click into payments it lists 37 transactions which total £498.34

Android 9?
Samsung a50



Hmm, potentially there are two different searches going on.

COSTA MAIN ST LONDON and COSTA M1 SERVICES LUTON might both show as “Costa” in your feed, and look like the same merchant, but actually have different linked transactions.

Not sure if this is the reason but it’s a thought…

Hmmm. Not sure.

I go to the same Lidl regularly and this only shows 4 payments, yet the actual total number of visits and spend is way more…

Unless its chosen a lidl I’ve only been to 4 times as the reference for the overview page…?

Also, I’ve used many different cash machines in the last 12months, but the total is about 95% corect