Monzo Feed Inaccurate Transactions

I’ve recently had to go through some past Faster Payment transactions from mid 2019 to compare with the invoice I have received from my child’s gymnastic club.

I thought great, I can use the search feature. No transaction however appeared for the time period in question though. I decided to manually check around that period and found some transactions mentioning my daughters name which was strange as she didn’t have a bank account back then. On talking to support to query these transactions they said these were the transactions that went to the gymnastic club however the reference (my daughters name) has replaced all the transaction information on the app - there is no longer any reference to the gymnastic club or even their account number.

The bit that really worries me is that if it hadn’t been such a regular payment and so many payments were missing I would have paid it again thinking I hadn’t done so before. This look like there are other transaction in my balance with the same issue which is making me think at some point could I have paid a company twice thinking I hadn’t paid them before?

This is surely a massive bug. The transaction history surely has to be accurate? Monzo doesn’t seem to be too worried about this and I quote “As we said earlier, a fix for this is likely going to have to be rolled out in an app update and we’re hopeful this will be in the future but can’t give any guarantees on this at the moment”. To me this is too urgent to warrant that response?

I’ve asked for a final response to be sent but I really don’t understand how this isn’t really important? Surely an accurate feed it a basic requirement of any bank? How am I supposed to trust anything shown in the feed then?

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This has been mentioned before and they’re working on a fix.

How long ago? For people that don’t know about this it could result in financial implications for them e.g. paying the same company twice. It seems like more should be done in such a case.

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Just before Christmas

Iirc it wasn’t an easy fix. Will try and find the thread later with the staff replies on

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