Number of payment, average spend, total spend do not match between history summary and detailed history per merchant


Click on a recurring card payment for a merchant.

It had active card check, €2 capture pending, and €2 refund pending, and three completed payments of €3.59.

Yet number of payments is somehow 6, with average / total amounts on the two screens not adding up to reality or between each other.

I expect that I have 3 completed payments, average value €3.59 or £3.17, with total spend €10.77 or £9.51.

I would accept values that take into account the pending spend transaction, and/or reversal. I.e. total spent €12.77 or total turn over €14.77.

I have no idea where £15.81 or £17.57 come from, as they are closer to double of all transactions taking into account the currency. See screenshots.

At the moment I have stopped trusting any total/average spends. As none of them for any of my recurring payments add up with reality. And impossible to reconcile as they have 80+ transactions.

Details to reproduce:

Open web service account. Create a Dev instance. Pay for it for three months.

Mark it as recurring monthly payment.

Click on it from scheduled payments. Observe summary of history with this merchant. Click through on number of payments to observe alternative reality in the footer. Realise that neither add up to reality.

OS: android 10
Device: Nokia 8.1
App Version: 3.35


This might be my account / android issue.

For example, my friend on iPhone has correct number of payments on both screens for things sent to me.

But I don’t for him.