Payment declined due to requiring further identification: improved declined message + retry payment feed item

tl;dr: when a payment is declined due to an identity check being required, an improved payment declined message in the feed item and a retry payment feed item appearing after the identity check is approved would be better UX.

NB: these are not suggestions for large payments that are greater than the payment limits.

After seeing someone go through the process of having a payment declined for security reasons and then having to authenticate using a video, I think there’s room for greatly improving the user experience here.

Current process:

  1. Attempt transfer.
  2. Transfer is declined → a feed item appears; the feed item just says the transfer has been “declined” without giving a reason.
  3. After a bit (i.e., not instantly) a feed item and notification appear asking the user to do a video to prove their identity.
  4. After submitting the video, the user has a “pending video approval” (or similar) feed item.
  5. When the video is approved, the user receives a notification.
  6. The user now has to go to Payments and redo the payment from scratch.

There are two points of improvement, I’d love to see in this process:

  1. Informative declined message in the feed item
    Something like “Declined, we need to perform extra checks to confirm your identity”.
    Mozo is usually very good at having informative messages in feed items for declined transactions, so I was surprised that there wasn’t one here.
  2. Feed item for retrying the payment
    It would be much better UX if, once the user’s identity has been approved, a dismissable feed item was generated that allowed the user to retry the payment in the same way a user can retry a direct debit that was declined due to a lack of funds.
    The UX for this dismissable retry payment feed item would also work great for failed standing orders and pot transfers: Retry failed standing orders or pot transfers.