Declines without a reason

Almost every time my card has been declined, the app shows that you don’t know what went wrong yet.

Is this really true? It’s quite frustrating to have a generic message there.

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Hey James, yup totally – @rdingwall was working on making the ones we know about clearer :slight_smile: So we should have something relatively soon that improves on that I think.


@billinghamj absolutely! This feature is very important to us. You’ll be pleased to know Mondo 1.3.0 is now live in Test Flight, featuring several new descriptive decline messages:

  • Card was frozen
  • Insufficent funds
  • Expiry date was wrong
  • Withdrawal exceeds your limit
  • CVV code was wrong
  • Transaction exceeds your limit
  • PIN attempts exceeded
  • KYC not passed yet (need to send us documents first)
  • Plus a few for technical terminal failures etc :robot:

We analysed every single card decline which has ever occurred on a Mondo card and this set covers almost all cases. So next time your card declines, you will immediately know why! :no_good:


Super awesome. Thank you :slight_smile:

Appreciate the hard work you guys do.

Would it be possible to persist the declined reason of the feed?
I entered a wrong expiry date for and the although the site just said “invalid details” the mondo app reported the actual reason the card was declined, which is pretty neat. But then that detailed reason does not persist on the feed.

I think it would be nice to tap the declined feed item and see the details on the on the details screen. Or maybe even being able to glance the decline details right on the feed (on the small font line below the description?)

EDIT: I just realised that this is already implemented in the last test-flight release :smiley: :cool: