Retry failed standing orders or pot transfers

tl;dr: Retry failed standing order feed item (similar to the retry direct debit feed item).

I know you could just send a bank transfer manually, but being able to send the correct amount with the correct reference etc… with a couple of clicks would be a much better UX.

Here’s my suggestion for how it could work:

  1. Standing order fails.
  2. A notification comes through saying that the standing order failed because you didn’t have £x in your account.
  3. A dismissible feed item appears (like the ones for failed direct debits) saying “Declined, you didn’t have £x”.
  4. Clicking on this feed item displays all the details of the standing order and has a button for “Retry standing order”.
  5. Clicking the “Retry standing order” button sends the bank transfer and replaces the dismissible feed item with a feed item for the bank transfer (like 3D secure).

A similar UX could also be used for failed pot transfers.


Yep - or auto-retry standing orders too, like direct debits incase you forget.

Id also like if there was an attempt to retry a standing order.

Found myself with failed pot transfers due to a late payday and would be nice to just retry rather than manually having to do them

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Does the failed pot transfer show up on the feed? A couple of my payments had failed in different months, predominantly because I forget that savings transfers take a day to clear, but nothing gets indicated in the feed that it’s failed. It would be helpful to get a message like the PIN failure one.

Not currently. You can vote for that feature at the top of this topic.

Fab, thanks!