What does ‘Balance returned to source mean’?

My account was randomly closed on Monday.
And all Monzo keep saying is that my balance (I also presume what was in my savings pot too) was returned to where it originally came from.

Can anybody please give me an insight to how this works?

Does this mean the remains of my wages that were paid to me on the 26th will be sent back to my employer?

Also what happens to my savings when half is it was cash put into my account. And the other half was an accumulation of bank transfers and spare money.

I’m desperate to find where my money has gone.

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The wages will go back to your employer

The savings pots I’m not sure about. Have they been closed or are they still open with the savings provider? Not seen that one mentioned before

My savings pot was just a pot that I created and moved money into. I recently remember seeing 3/4 new options to select a company to save with but I never used any. It was just a standard Monzo pot that I called ‘savings’.**

If it’s a standard pot, it will go back to where it came from to go into your account.

If you paid in a lot of cash, then you’ll have to ask Monzo where that has gone.

Ah ok. Then I think they work on last money in

So if you had £1000 wages and you have £700 left and £200 in the pot it’ll all be returned to your employer. Is there anyone else who has transferred you money recently as any remainder would go to them (this is based on my understanding, I could be wrong)

Assuming there’s no investigation into the source of funds

Do you know you’re the first person to actually answer me as a human? Monzo seem to treat me like a 5 year old.

As it stands I do not believe there is any pending investigation as I have just opened a starling bank account (for using on holiday). And I am currently opening a Barclays current account.

Luckily. My employer is my father. And unlucky for him, he’s the only one that ever transfers me money (through business account for wages or personal through gifted money).

But as of yet no money has gone into his accounts.

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a pending investigation by one bank wouldn’t necessarily stop you opening another account with another bank …hope you get it sorted out soon

As it stands Monzo have stated ‘total balance has been transferred back to original source’. This tells me that money has left their end.

Just hope and pray my money turns up :neutral_face:

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you need to keep all your correspondence with Monzo and any evidence you have of money in , money out to back your claims up and go through the correct complaints procedures for the ombudsman to take your case on

maybe try complaints@monzo.com put all your facts down regarding your account and see what they say , ask where they have sent the money and how much they have sent

Luckily I have a Monzo monies statement from the day my account was frozen (28th July). This will show all transfers from 1/06-28/06.

Anyway I can get a full history?

I have asked time and time again as to where my money was sent. I get the same response…’there is nothing else we can tell you other than total balance was sent to its original source’.

from the complaints department ? or in app cops …

Complaints dept.

so I would try once more with your evidence of what you had in your account , ask where the total amount /s were returned to account numbers, dates etc if that doesnt tally with what you think you are missing ask for a final decision and proceed to the next stage with the ombudsman

I don’t think this is them being difficult, it seems to be the standard policy just saying ‘returned to source’. If everything in someone’s account is legal then they’ll know exactly where money in their account comes from. If you don’t (and there have been some classic examples on the forum in the past “I don’t know the source, a few people transferred me money for things but I can’t remember their names or the amounts”) then it looks dodgy. This does fall down if you have a few sources of legitimate income.


All of my funds are totally legitimate. Like I said I very rarely receive funds from somebody else. So I suppose that’s a good thing as my money is sort or ‘cornered’ to only 1 person.


I cant really imagine being in this situation though. Having to reach our to everyone you’ve received money off (ever? How do they work out who gets what? Money is fungible. Without a record of who got sent what getting it back would be a nightmare).

Being left with nothing terrifies me and while I don’t think Monzo have any reason to ever close my account, it is something that makes me feel very worried about leaving large sums of money in there. Things like this make me consider closing saving pots etc and moving to it somewhere else.

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Last in policy so it’s not that you need to figure out % for everyone you’ve ever got money from. So if it matches your last payment in it’ll all go to them. If there’s some left over it’ll go to the payment before. I’m sure there are more complicated rules than that to do with spending between payments.

They will all have seen their money again if it’s legitimate. If not then the financial ombudsman would have removed their banking license by now


we are trying to help you here Reece… :slight_smile: