How do I make a payment to my credit card?

Am probably being thick but can’t work out how to make a manual payment from Monzo for my Smile credit card bill. Can anyone give me instructions on how to do that?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

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Do smile have a website where you can make a card payment or is it one you are given a sort code and account number to make a transfer?

If it’s bank transfer then payments > bank transfer. Make sure to include the reference (often long card number but double check that)


Does that help? I always go for the Direct Debit because I found Halifax awkward to understand/figure out.

Thank you for that - I have a direct debit already set up but am not sure when / how smile will take the money. Basically I’ve only just fully moved to a full current account with Monzo so this will be my first payment to the credit card from this account. I prefer to be able to choose how much I pay each month but would rather default in this case to paying off the full amount I owe each month. Do you know how I make sure that’s set up?

Honestly this sounds like a question for smile. It looks like you need to login to smile online banking and say make a payment and the relevant instructions are on there

Hi @duswain,

If you have a look at one of your Smile credit card bills, there should be a section in the small print regarding how to make payments. It’ll usually tell you how to sort out Direct Debits, payments at bank branches, online banking, etc.

Most banks provide a sort code and account number where you can make a bank transfer. You usually need to put your card number in as a reference.


This is easy as I still (unfortunatly) have a Smile Credit Card and its in my Monzo account.

To start it is obviously Monzo app > Payments > Send via bank transfer > (add the details).

Smile (or Cooperative) credit card Faster Payments details are:

Account number: 97491004
Sort Code: 08-90-98
Reference: (your credit card number)

Obviously, confirm this in the document below or through a secure message in your Smile account as I could be any person giving you their sort code and account number.




Thanks Kevyn! That’s perfect. Will get that set up. Thanks so much all of you that replied too - what a super helpful group :blush:

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Hmm. Am in NYC at the moment and have tried to set this up and send a payment but it’s coming up as ‘declined’ - anyone have any ideas as to why that might happen?

You’d need to get in touch with Monzo via in app chat to look at root cause I’m afraid