Paying money in?

What options are there to get physical cash into my monzo?

Paypoint , or deposit in to another account and transfer to monzo.


OK thanks I’m sure the newsagents have a paypoint so I just say to them I want to deposit money Into my bank account? Or can I just go to a legacy bank and transfer it to my monzo via bank transfer or would I need an account with said bank?

People have said they’ve had more luck with paypoint by saying ‘can I top-up this card’ and giving your monzo card.

You would have to have a bank account with that legacy bank to use it.


Thanks dude I’ll give it a go

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I’m asking because of this corona nonsense
Is it best to put the money on my card when I get it or will cash be fine providing I wash my hands every time I use it?

Also is paypoint instant?

Usually instant but around 10mins in the help.

As for should you, as it costs you £1 it depends if that’s acceptable.


Thats great thanks dude

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Never had an issue with Paypoint, will be in your account within 5-10 minutes.

By the way, theres a £1k deposit limit every 6 months, although I think it should be increased for the next few months, vote if you agree!

Do that. Wash the cash too.

This does NOT constitute money laundering despite what the Sunday night comedians might tell you :joy:


Woah! Why so low? Especially when you’re paying so much for it…

Went I to 5 newsagents who do paypoint and said they dont do it for bank cards
So went Into the post office and did it with my barclays. Monzo didnt work

Did you ask them to try and to just swipe it?

It won’t work at the post office

Yeah one newsagents had a sign up saying " pay point out of order"

And the other ones straight-up refused to try swiping

Does anyone know if there’s a maximum limit you can pay in via PayPoint in a single day?

Thanks :+1:t3: :slightly_smiling_face:

You can pay in a minimum of £5 and a maximum of £300 in one go :+1:

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Use a different bank (Starling recommended) then transfer, it’s what I do on the very rare occasion I have cash

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