Deposit Cash with PayPoint

Hey All,

I use Monzo as my main spending account but I’ve not gone FULL Monzo because 1. I want to utilise First Directs high interest savings account (5%) and I also want somewhere to be able to deposit cash.

So I’ve got about £300 from selling some stuff recently and I’ve been meaning to head to town to pay it in. Paypoint has been around for a while but I saw that I’d be charged £1 so thought fuck that, that’s almost the price of a bag skittles! I’ll just go to HSBC and deposit it there and get myself some sweets… However, I thought I might just check where these Paypoint places are and was interested to see how it works.

So it turns out the shop across the road is a Paypoint… there is one in pretty much every small shop around where I live… instead of driving into town, paying for parking, walking into town to the bank and paying it in… I could’ve paid it in when I picked up milk yesterday and the cost of parking would’ve been £3…

So I’m almost full Monzo… with FD I’m getting an extra £100 a year for just putting money away so as soon as Monzo have something like that I can finally go full Monzo!

Now off to get rid of this cash!


You’ll be interested to know that a high % on your balance is something Monzo are thinking about for Monzo Plus


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