Paying in cheques - security

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I have a couple of cheques to pay in and have read the in app help topic.

The advice to write the account number on each cheque and to write a return address on the envelope would appear to offer a potential fraudster ‘easy’ access to do nefarious things to my identity/bank account

Maybe it would be better to write the accounts associated email address on the cheques instead?

Am I just being overly paranoid??

Any thoughts?


would appear to offer a potential fraudster ‘easy’ access to do nefarious things

Such as? The only thing they could do is set up a direct debit in your name, but given the Direct Debit Guarantee any fraudulent direct debit can be reversed and traced back - that’s why this form of fraud is never heard of despite being extremely easy.


I’m usually paranoid, but I don’t see any risk here either :slight_smile:

Since you asked for thoughts, though:

I will never send any cheques to Monzo by mail: They loose way too much post! I have lost count of the number of letters I received that were for others (sometimes the neighbour, sometimes at the other end of the country, they even once delivered one to me in “1a Some Street, London” that was addressed to “1a Some Street, London, Ohio, USA” - yes, same street name, same city, but still a few thousand mile apart, and with a nice blue airmail sticker as well :rofl: ), or letters that I never received (including various bank statements - so there’s that for fraud risk…). It’s one of the reasons why keeping a bank account with a competitor who has branches, or offers image based cheque clearance might be a good idea :slight_smile:

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Nor me, and for much the same reasons. The hassle of contacting the issuer of the cheque, getting them to stop it and issue a new one means it’s just easier to have an account with a bank which does accept them without the need for posting, in my view.

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We’ll have a better solution to this later in the year, cheque imaging is something we’ll definitely do :grinning:

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Out of curiosity, did this one originate overseas? Curious how bad the routing went wrong :slight_smile:


No, that was from the UK

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Makes a little sense at least then. It simply never left the country. Would have been worse if it came from a third country and the worst if it had came from the US!


Postal service can be crap. I sent a tracked item from UK to Estonia in the EU but Royal Mail sent it to Korea, it eventually was forwarded from there to Estonia, so took over a month to arrive instead of under a week. Royal Mail would’t apologize and said well it got there, but I kept complaining about it until they gave me a book of stamps as an apology.


Thankfully we have an awesome thing called the market which means if one provider is bad you can use a better one (UPS have always been great for me personally) and if enough people do this the bad providers will either adapt or go bankrupt. :wink:

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There’s no market in postal services. Courier services really aren’t the same…

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First of all - Hello everybody! :wink:

I’m new here and straight away I do have a question to you guys. How is it with these cheques? I was wondering to open an account with Monzo however I’m little bit affraid because I do have cheque for a bigger ammount and I rather wouldn’t like to sent it via post office to the monzo office. Don’t think that I’m paranoic but many times i got lost something with royal mail or with somebody else. Is it a possibility that you will offer diffrent way to deposit the cheque?

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Send it recorded delivery

Was looking for the address because I know I’ve seen it somewhere (not the free post one). If you type ‘cheque’ in the app help it gives you both addresses


Sending it Recorded Delivery isn’t more safe than sending it non-recorded. It just gets confirmation of delivery.

If you don’t want something lost in the post then Special Delivery is the way to do. Special Delivery items are not put in with the rest of the post and has its own dedicated processing. It could still get lost, but a lot less chance than the normal post.

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Sorry, I meant that. I go in to the post office and they always correct me

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I’ll do that way then. Hopefully It won’t get lost. But first got to open account with you :wink: Thank’s for your help and have a nice evenning :wink:

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Well since you can’t see the app, here’s a screenshot


My advice would be to keep an account open with a high street bank (or open a new one). Some now offer image based cheque processing (e.g. Yorkshire building society, or, which is completely online) and more will follow, or walk into branch as needed.

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Definitely do this if you want to be able to pay cheques in. I’d not trust the post with a cheque unless I’d written it.

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Unfortunately I’m not able to open the bank account anywhere because of my foolishness I’ve got cifas marker and can’t get rid of it, so I’m using my mate account for my payments and all stuff however the cheque is on my name and i do have to have bank account to realize it. But once I’ll open the account with Monzo I’ll be using it all the time for everything.

PS - Yeah i know that I can use cash shop or pawnbrokers but they charge too much.