Paying an existing DD from a pot

Can’t see this specific topic so here goes, I have set up pots with payments with new DD’s but how to set up existing DD’s to pay from a specific pot? Many thanks!

Tap on the pot, in its manage tab there’s a scheduled payments option, tap on that and then add payments

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OK thanks, can i do the same with existing card payments?

I think you need to do that by creating a new virtual card

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thanks but I dont think you can change the Pay from, to another card?

You’d have to create a virtual card from the newly created pot you want it paid from and then update the card details to the service etc that you want to come from that pot.

Might be wrong but it’s a Plus/Premium benefit to do this.

Edit: you can’t use other cards to pay from said pot, it has to be the linked virtual card.


Many thanks, worked it out although a bit of a faff :blush: