I can't belive I can't pay from pot with an existing virtual card

Its nice that you can pay by pot by creating a new virtual card - but why can’t I do this with existing virtual card??

I have had a virtual card that I use for all repeat subscriptions for 2 years now, and for some reason I can’t choose this as a card to pay from a pot. This means I’ll have to create a new card and then change payment details for every single subscription I use.

Is this a technical limitation or did we just think no one had any existing virtual cards from the last 2 years?

If it was easy, they’d have done it. It isn’t this way out of spite.

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I suspect due to the complexity of moving over pending authorisations.

What happens if I make a £100 charge on a virtual card linked to my main account, then assign that same virtual card to a pot containing £5 before the merchant collects the original £100?

Easier just to ensure everything starts from scratch.


My understanding is that being able to make a credit card payment that come from a Pot with your main card or VCC puts a lot more compliance and regulations on Pots - there would need to be a lot of legal work and probably engineering work to make them compliant.