Virtual card/pot glitch?

Hi all

I’ve recently set up a Bills pot to make better use of Salary Sorter and paying all bills/subs from a separate pot. So far, it’s worked really well but today there were a few payments which seemed to come from my regular personal account after the money was automatically transferred from pot to main account (see pic).

Any idea what this is about? Is this an issue with payments where you go to: Payments > Scheduled > specific payment > pay from X pot? (As opposed to DDs, I mean)

This is how it works. You can’t actually pay from the pot for a direct debit, so it moves the money to your account seconds before the direct debit and then pays it.

+in green is the money coming in your main account from your pot
above that in white is the bill being paid

Virtual cards from a pot don’t appear in the feed at all.