Ambiguous bank transfer payees

Since upgrading to the current account, I have transferred money to two different accounts, both in my name, using bank transfer. There doesn’t seem to be any way of telling them apart in my list of payees, so I can’t pay either of them again without reentering the details, in case the money goes into the wrong account. Would there be any way to show the most recently used payment reference or end of the account number in the list of recent payees, in order to disambiguate?

I look at the sort code/account number - what do you see? (blur out personal details! :))

More detail has been said to be coming in due course, but in the meantime it’s worth noting the ‘Name’ field isn’t checked or passed on to the recipient bank, so you can use this as a reference for yourself - I save mine as ‘TSB Credit Card’ and ‘Virgin Savings Account’ for example, so it’s really easy to see what I’m tapping on.

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In my list of recent payees, both are labelled identically as Initial Surname. Clicking on either of them shows a blank form with space for £ and reference

I’m on Android and mine has the sc/ac - what does iOS look like?


iOS on the blue app looks similar with the sort code and account number below the name. The iOS TestFlight (beta) Current Account app doesn’t have this though.

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Yes, I’m running TestFlight. Can I get my current account in the blue app?

Open your prepaid app to see if you have a banner asking you to upgrade within that app :slight_smile:
Then you can stop running the testflight


On the iOS TestFlight version you pick one of the identical names and enter amount then click Confirm Payment. It then reveals the sort code / acc number and asks you to confirm if it’s correct. Each identical payee also has different letters beside it on my screen so I can remember which is which.

Not very intuitive at all but as someone said it has been fixed in newest version. :upside_down_face:

This is only a workaround, but if you go and find the last transaction to that account in your feed and click on it, there will be an option (blue arrow) to send money to that account :slight_smile:

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