"Pay/withdraw now" button on scheduled payments to/from pots


I like to have my salary split up into different pots automatically with scheduled payments the day after I get paid.

It’d be cool to have a “transfer now” button on the scheduled payment so that if I wanted to do it manually, I could press that and it would do the transfer there and then.

Doesn’t salary sorter do this?


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As Emma stated above, there is a salary sorter feature exactly for this reason. When you receive your salary, simply open that transaction and tap the “Sort Salary” (or something to that effect). You will then be able to distribute the money into your pots as you desire.

Salary sorter is also able to remember your sort so that the distribution is all filled in for you next month. You will still have to manually trigger the sort each month though.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I was initially going to reply with the same ‘salary sorter’ solution until I re-read;

Is this intended to mean ‘regular payment’? In Monzo terminology, a scheduled payment is a transaction which is set-up to go out of the account on a regular basis, whereas a salary goes into the account on a (hopefully) regular basis.

This idea sounds similar to:

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