Pay on the go using Monzo with Apple Pay

(Daniel Cannon) #168

Sorry about this! We should hopefully have a fix for this in a future release of the app. That being said the banner should disappear after a small amount of time.

(Kris Rivers) #169

I was so happy when I saw this pop up in the car this morning, so glad it’s finally here.
Well done Monzo team!
Now go make an Watch and iPad version lol

(Damon Meadowcroft ) #171

Great News guys, well done. Keep up the hard work

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #172

I disabled the notifications on wallet but it came up twice as a banner from Monzo?

(Chris Green) #173

Just christened Monzo Apple Pay - paid for some shopping in Primark using my Apple Watch.

So happy.

Thanks Monzo for finally getting this launched :slight_smile:

(Jack) #174

Worked as expected for me. Sure it was the same notification?

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #175

Yeah showed twice split second after. I’ll try again later.

(Benjamin Doherty) #176

Im on Android so this feature is not for me. I also don’t use android pay anyways. But fuck me am I happy this has been released, means now all the constant moaning on FB and the fourm will come to an end

(Jack) #177

Just read the Tech Crunch article. Thanks goes out to all COps for having to deal with us needy Apple users! :sweat_smile::heart:


I’d be interested in knowing how many Apple Pay activations occurred today! It took a while to activate on my Watch but I’m good to go and tested it out by buying a coffee!

Thanks Monzo! Great work!

(Richard) #179

Just tried it in M&S Foodhall - first time it declined. Second time it worked. Then checking in the Monzo App I’d been charged twice for my shopping, but a few seconds later another notification came through that one of them had been refunded.

Back end systems slightly overloaded perhaps and not completing the authorisation the first time?

(Tom) #180

Interested to know the increase in #fullMonzo switches today!

(Mark) #181

Has anybody else ran into issues using World Pay contactless terminals. My first attempt with Monzo Apple Pay hasn’t worked, so still waiting to try. Barclays Apple Pay worked fine.

Maybe an issue with the terminals in my local shop as Starling does the same thing.

(Nick) #182

Could it be related to the current lack of 3D Secure?

(Rika Raybould) #183

I’d say it’s highly unlikely, 3D Secure would not affect contactless transactions at all, only purchases online. :+1:

There is no limit on Apple Pay transactions (outside of merchant contactless limits and those for your Monzo account in general), no matter what device you’re using. :slightly_smiling_face:

Apple Pay - Unlimited?
(Chris Deeming) #184

I got told in our local Spar this morning they could only take cash as WorldPay was down nationwide. Still not fixed? Jeez…

(Mark) #185

Well it worked with Barclays just not Monzo :frowning:

(Chris Deeming) #186

Huh maybe it’s a totally different incident. The woman in Spar was literally telling everyone as they walked in. Luckily they have a free cash machine in there. I never carry cash. And I now have £9.35 in my pocket which will likely soon be deposited in the depths of my sofa. It’s like a legacy/analog coin jar pot :joy:

(Jonathan) #187

Yay and finally :smiley: used it twice and both gone through fine

(Drew sanders) #188

It is about time … no actually is 3-6 months overdue. Thanks for catching up Monzo!