Pay on the go using Monzo with Apple Pay

(Alex Sherwood) #84

Oh look..:slight_smile:

(Colin) #85

Happy Days all setup with Apple Pay on my Monzo Current Account. Goodbye old bank it was the only thing keeping you for.


(Benoit Terminet Schuppon) #86

Yay! Apple Pay is here!

I have a question thought, regarding TFL transactions!

If I start using my physical monzo card on monday and swap to apple pay on tuesday, will they count towards the same weekly cap? Or will they count as two different cards?

Basically, should I avoid switching from card to apple pay this week as I’ve already started my weekly cap on my card?

(Andre Borie) #87

They will count as different cards.

(Tom Knevitt) #88

Thank you for adding Apple Pay. Monzo is the best. It was the only feature I was waiting for to fully switch to Monzo.

(Richard Cook) #89

Huge if true.

(Dan) #90

(Calum James) #91

Almost bigger news than Monzo releasing Apple Pay support.


I’ve never used Apple Pay, I thought I would start with Monzo.

I have an iPhone 5s

Turns out Apple Pay doesn’t work on iPhone 5s as it doesn’t have the built in hardware

Very sad now :sob:

(Chaks) #94

Opened the app, setup got a text with a code done :grinning:

(Andre Borie) #95

Get an Apple Watch :wink:


‘One awkward issue with using the Monzo card with Apple Pay is that transactions will result in two duplicate notifications, one from the Monzo app and one from the Wallet app. In iOS 11, it is not possible to turn off notification alerts for just one card in your Wallet, so users have to disable Wallet notifications completely to address the duplicate notification issue. Monzo customers can find out more details here.’

From the 9to5Mac article.

Is that true?


New crowdfund announced: get Stephen a new iPhone!

This poor man is unable to use Apple Pay therefore a crowdfund is being set up to allow him to enjoy this feature. Please give generously …


Haha. Beat me too it!

(Andy Coldicott) #99

This is awesome! Well done guys! :call_me_hand:t3:

(Calum James) #101


Monzo, thank you very, very much for this, for the hard work around this, and for your patience when many of us were impatient and perhaps unreasonable at times. :hugs: :hot_coral_heart:

It’s difficult to get across to some people how much more convenient this makes things, but it really does solve a few inconveniences. With this news, I no longer need to carry a physical wallet in my pocket for anything (I can leave my physical wallet in my bag as a backup), meaning I’m in much less danger of losing my Monzo card, my work credit card, and other things. This will also make it much less likely I could lose my cards or be pickpocketed while on holiday, and this news comes just as I’m about to go on holiday to New York (so I hope New York is ready for Apple Pay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) :grin:



Yeah that’s what I’ve done but not tested it yet. Silly article.

(Kieran McCann ) #104



All of them!

If you build it, they will come.

Well, we built it!

(Unless they have an iPhone5s, then they probably won’t come)