When will Monzo support Apple Pay?

(Paul) #2721

BOOM! At last. Now going full on Monzo

(Dan) #2722

Anyone know how you can turn the double notifications off? I don’t want the Wallet one, I just want the Monzo one when I’m using Apple Pay

(Bruce) #2723


(Herp Derp) #2724





This feature will come :soon: TM


Disable “transaction history” to get rid of the notifications.

Pay on the go using Monzo with Apple Pay
(Dan) #2727

Thanks mate

(Beta User) #2728

Yep I had the same question. You can turn off ALL Wallet notifications in the iPhone Setting though

(Tom) #2729

Anyone from Monzo able to say what the delay was due to? either way, woo! it’s here!

(Beta User) #2730

Ahh perfect. Thanks!

(Andy Smart) #2731

@chrisdeeming TestFlight apps don’t support provisioning your card into Apple Pay. The app has to come from the App Store for this to work :slight_smile:

(Herp Derp) #2732

I entered mine through Wallet App

(Karl) #2733

Almost a dead phone already at this time of day… Sheesh. :wink:

(Lewis Derbyshire) #2734

The apple pay blog post is live https://monzo.com/blog/2018/05/17/apple-pay-is-here/


Same here. Thanks :monzo: :joy:

Oh and out of likes as well… how do I buy more? :sob:

(Zach Hart) #2736

I’m so excited! :smile: it’s the one thing I’ve been waiting for! :heart_eyes:

(Karl) #2737

Anyone else tried adding to a MacBook Pro with TouchBar? Not having any luck with this one…!

(Daniel Cannon) #2738

TestFlight doesn’t work because our test builds do not have permission to use Apple Pay.

(Chris Deeming) #2739

So in what way, exactly, was your Monzo app through TestFlight ever involved in the process?

Apologies @daniel.cannon and @andys you’re right, it doesn’t appear to have worked for anyone in app with TestFlight.

As an idea, however, perhaps you should… oh I dunno… switch off in-app provisioning in the next TestFlight release? :wink:

(Chris Deeming) #2740

It’s all good, I was misled about it working in TestFlight. A bit silly that the app actually allows you to attempt in app provisioning though.